1946 Born in Copenhagen, Denmark  
  1963-1967 Apprenticeship at Bror Bernild, a major commercial photography studio in
Copenhagen, Denmark
  1967-1968 National military service in the Danish Airforce  
  1968 Biafra, photo assignment for DanChurchAid  
  1969 Photographer at World Council of Churches in Geneva, Switzerland  
  1970 Return to Denmark to work for Nordisk Film, photo assignment in Sudan, Uganda, Ethiopia for UNHCR, Swedish Red Cross and Danish Refugee Council  
  1970-1972 Camera assistant Teknisk Film, Copenhagen  
  1973-1981 Freelance Photographer / Cameraman based in Copenhagen: Assignment both of editorial and commercial caracter for: DANIDA, SIDA, DanChurchAid, F.L. Smith, Maersk, Carlsberg, Grundfos, Rockwool, DR/TV. BBC, ARD, ZDF, RAI, SF1, SVT, Danish Education Ministry, Berlitz Travel Guides, Danish Tourism Association.
The assignments included travels outside Europe to: Greenland, Canada, USA, Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, Bolivia, Japan, Australia, Hong Kong, Thailand, Burkina Faso, Tanzania, Sudan, Egypt, Iraq.
  1981-1982 Cameraman at DR/TV in Copenhagen  
  1982-1983 Cameraman at SVT (Swedish Television) in Malmö  
  1983-2003 Photographer/Cameraman/Video producer at the World Council of Churches in Geneva.
During the past 20 years I have covered in depth the activities of the WCC and related agencies (Brot für die Welt, DanChurchAid, FinChurchAid, Lutherhjälpen, Christian Aid, ICCO, DutchInterChurchAid, HEKS, UMCOR, LWR, CWS, ACT alliance, etc.)

I have produced a great number of television programs, some for the WCC, others in cooperation with other partners. Many have been broadcast in Europe, North America and Africa. During this time I have travelled to more than 120 countries on assignments encompassing many aspects of life, religion, culture and political activity.
  2003- Independent Video Producer, Cameraman and Photographer