At the International Festival of Cinema and Religion in Trento, Italy, Oct. 2003 THE ROOTS OF VIOLENCE was awarded the Don Silvio Franch Prize for the best film in the Inter-Religious dialogue category.
It won its second top prize at the 37th WorldFest-Houston, USA, April 2004. The programme won the first prize (Platinum) in the "Religion & Ethic" category.
    Does God hide when the evil side of man takes over?
In Sierra Leone thousands of people were massacred, had limbs amputated or were forced to fight as child soldiers in a meaningless civil war. Now a fragile peace has come to the country.
    At the 15th European TV Festival of Religious Programmes, May 2004, CULTURAL SHOCK won the documentary prize. The festival is the most important of its kind in Europe.  
    The twins Emily and Gladys from Kenya were speaking after a visit to the Lutheran state church in Denmark.
They had expected to find a church similar to their own. Instead they found a church with plenty of money, but very few people caring about church life.
  A LIVING CHURCH - Faith and dreams in Albania    
    In Oct. 2002, "A LIVING CHURCH - Faith and dreams in Albania" was nominated to the International Festival of Cinema and Religion in Trento, Italy, Oct. 2002.  
    During 23 years of communist persecution of religion in Albania, 1600 churches and religious buildings were destroyed.
Then early in 1991 an Orthodox priest ministering in Kenya received a late-night call from the Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople, asking him to go and revive the Albanian church.